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2015 Modified Street Rules

Modified Street



No Radio or Mirrors Allowed


a)      Stock for make and model.

b)      Unibody frames may be connected front to back

c)       May X brace frame


Roll Cage

a)      All cars must have boxed cage with 1 1/2″ o.d. x .095″ minimum tubing’s.

b)      Must have 3 bars in left door and two bars in right door.

c)       Loop around engine compartment permitted.

d)      Two bars may run top main roll cage loop to rear frame rails.



a)      Stock for make and model ½  inch tolerance SIDE TO SIDE.



a)      Must be stock for make and model.

b)      Jack Bolts permitted.

c)       Racing shocks permitted – non adjustable only, 1 shock per wheel. Strut cars may run non working strut with racing shock on right and left.

d)      Racing springs permitted.

e)      Aftermarket Top A Frames permitted; must be mounted on stock frame mount only.

f)       Must be stock bottom a frames – NO ALTERING

g)      Adjustable leaf spring shackles permitted – NO SLIDERS

h)      Caster Camber plate permitted on strut cars only



a)      Stock for make and model.



a)      3-Wheel brakes system permitted. Factory disc brakes on rear permitted no aluminum.

b)      Dual type permitted-no in car adjusted permitted.



a)      Steel wheels only – 10″ Maximum permitted 1/2″ tolerance  

b)      Track tire HOOSIER D-30 permitted also Hoosier 500. No grooving or cutting. (no softening )

c)       Oversize studs and lugs are permitted.

d)      Bead locks permitted



a)      Factory HEI or single point only.

b)      Distributor may be locked.

 Rear Ends

a)      Stock for make and model.

b)      May be locked.

c)       9 inch Ford permitted

d)      9 inch Ford Grand National Hubs permitted.



a)      Factory stock appearing / aftermarket steel bodies permitted. Any aluminum body parts or bodies are permitted but you must weigh 3000lbs. Bodies must match chassis

b)      All glass and flammable material items must be removed.

c)       Headlights, tail lights, and wheel covers must be removed.

d)      Body may be hulled.

e)      Doors must be strapped, welded or bolted.

f)       Area between driver and gas tank must be totally covered with sheet metal.

g)      May run after market stock appearing nose; No Late Model style sloping noses. No MD3 or Dominator noses.

h)      6 inch max material on spoiler; 18 inch side spoiler/ 8” high maximum. Side spoiler starting at 2 inches and ending at 8 inches maximum.

i)        Body must be closed in rear. Body must be broke on both sides. No flat sides – No late model tops. Roofs must arch, no flat roofs. No late Model arched sail panels.

j)        Must have stock firewall and stock floor pan to rear of driver’s seat on left hand side of car. Must also have stock transmission and drive shaft tunnel.


a)      Stock for make and model.

b)      Must be securely attached.

c)       Must have lifting hook for wrecker.

d)      Must not have exposed sharp edges.

e)      Must be track approved.



A) 602 sealed crate engine permitted

b)      Must be in original location 1 inch tolerance.

c)      .060″ overbore permitted.

d)       All headers permitted.

e)      Chev. GM 362 cubes inch maximum.

f)      CAM GM up to 488 lift maximum at valve hyd. or solid-NO Roller

g)       Stock rods only.  Stock stroke for make and model. Scat or Eagle stock replacement rod  permitted.

gh      Flat top 4 valve relief pistons. No pistons under 500 grams allowed. No pin lighter than 130 grams.

i)      Stock crankshaft only. Scat or Eagle crankshaft permitted. Must be cast steel only. Must be run as product from factory. Counter weight must not be windage cut when balancing. Angles cannot be altered in any way. Steel crank permitted – Must weigh 49 pounds. No knife edging. 

j)        Aluminum water pump and pulleys permitted.

k)        Ford and Dodge stroke may vary.

L)       OEM production engine block only

m)      Ford may run two eyebrow pistons with no piston under 500 grams and no pin under 130 grams.



a)      Maximum valve size intake 1.940, Exhaust 1.500.

b)      No angle cut heads.

c)       Stock valve job only.

d)      No porting or polishing.

e)      Heads 300 H.P. permitted.   Roller rocker arms permitted.

f)       Screw in studs & plates permitted.

g)      GM Head numbers: 461, 882, 993, 041, 487, 336, and VORTEC only.

h)      No ten degree Ford heads permitted.  Must be factory type heads.  World products heads permitted #WRL-053030-1   180cc intake runner and 58cc combustion chambers.


Intake Manifold

a)      After market intake permitted.

b)      One 4-barrell type only.

c)       High performance intakes permitted.

d)      Aluminum quadra-jet intakes permitted.



a)      Choke flap may be removed.

b)      Stock 3310 Holley Single Pump only.

c)       Meter block permitted in back.

d)      No porting or polishing

e)      No screw permitted in secondary vacuum

f)       Spacers or adapters are not permitted.



a)     Steel flywheel only.

b)     Z-28 flywheel permitted.

c)     Pressure plate and clutch disc must be stock appearing for make and model.

d)     Flywheel must weigh a minimum of 14 lbs.

e)     Ford may run aluminum flywheel but must not be lighter than 14 pounds.



a)      Gas only.

b)      No additives.

c)       Fuel must check -5 or  +5 with gas checker compared to track fuel.

d)      Electric fuel pumps are not permitted.

e)      Nitrous oxide systems not permitted.

f)       No supercharges or turbochargers permitted.



a)      Any type radiator. Must be in front of the motor.


a)      All cars must start under its own power.



a)      Stock 3, 4, or 5 speed are permitted.

b)      Automatic transmissions are permitted. Must have all gears and torque convertor

c)       Must have all gears in transmission. No Modifications


Safety Requirements

a)      Approved helmets and fire suits.

b)      Properly installed 3″ quick release lap belt with a 2″ shoulder harness in good condition.

c)       Properly mounted fuel tank in trunk.

d)      Must have Fire Extinguisher

e)      Must have securely mounted bucket type or racing seat.



a)      Must be at least 18″ high on both sides of the car.

b)      Must be visible and legible to scoring tower.


Protest Fees

a)      Remove one head – $300

b)      Oil Pan – $200

c)       Carburetor – $100

d)      Wheel base & setback  – $150

e)      Clutch Assembly/ flywheel  – $250

f)       Complete Motor – $500

g)      Suspension  – $150

h)      Complete car – $900

(Track retains 40% of protest money) If you misbehave during the protest in an manner you will automatically be disqualified and the protest will go in the favor of the other individual


Visual Protest

a)      Must be before event starts.

b)      Visual fee $25 per item.

(Track retains 100% of visual protest.)



Weight rule 3000 lbs anytime.

602 CRATE engine 2700 lbs.