Hobby 602

2019 Rules



1.  Nothing newer than 2015 model unless approved by track. Any updates to cars from their original year model must be approved. Decisions will be made to keep fairness and affordability. We have other classes to run if you want to spend more money and use more advanced suspension technology.



1.  Lucas oil, Ultimate, SAS body rules apply

2.  8” spoiler permitted

3.  No 12” side braces allowed



1.  No oil filled hubs


Rear End

1.  No 8" ring gears



1.  Bert or Brinn permitted.

2.  Steel, aluminum and carbon fiber driveshaft permitted


Shocks & Springs

1.  Any oil shocks Permitted: NO GAS

2.  Split valve shocks permitted (Steel or aluminum)

3.  No canister remote or externally adjustable shocks permitted

4.  One working shock per wheel, except left rear

5. Shock claim rule: $200 per shock all hardware removed

6.  1 Standard spring per wheel and 5th coil. 10in minimum spring length. Barrel springs ok. Linear spring rates only.

7.  No bump stops of any kind allowed. No stack springs.

8.  Must be 4in of shock shaft showing at ride height on right front. We measure center to center on shock bolts. Remove from car. Remove spring. Compress shock completely by hand. Measure center to center. Subtract that measurement from ride height measurement. Must be minimum of 4 in.

9.  350lb x 10in minimum on right front will be checked with spring rubbers out. Must be a linear spring. Must gain 350lbs for 4 inches of travel. 10lb tolerance per inch.

10.  Spring rubbers allowed

11.  No altering of top shock mounts from manufacturers standard for yr. model.

12.  3 ½ in maximum distance from center of lower ball joint to center of  lower shock mount. No tolerance.

13.  We have classes for more advanced suspension technology if that is what you wish to do.



1.  650 CFM. New or rebuilt only

2.  One spacer plate. 1 inch only.

3.  No more than 2 thin standard gaskets



1.  602 GM must meet all GM specifications.

2.  Distributor: Factory type HEI with no external coil. Aftermarket ok. Must chip at 6300. Must have soft touch box. No wire loom. Must be within 12” of the distributor (inside the engine compartment.) $250 Distributor Claim rule.

3.  MSD Allowed.

4.  All accessories must be front mounted

5.  $4000.00 claim rule as comes from factory, with distributor. Excludes accessories.



1.  No Tri-Y

2.  No stainless

3.  No Bayea headers

4.  Claim rule ($300.00)


Items not Allowed:

1.  Spools or welded rear differential only

2. No springs rods

3.  No air spring shocks. Shocks must fully compress by hand with spring removed.

4.  No lead bolted to rear end housing.

5.  Aluminum wheel spacers only.

6.  No air bags

7.  No air dump systems

8.  No air springs

9.  No air bump stops

10. Any new components that have not been standard parts in recent years must be approved and announced to everyone involved before it is legal to run. 


1.  Pump gas or 110 permitted. No E85 or oxygenated fuels allowed. We do have equipment to check for oxygenated fuel.



     American Racers Spec 48



1.  Sealed engines 2350 lbs.

     Unsealed 2400 lbs.


2.  Head and neck restraints, full containment seat, and on-board fire extinguisher system  are recommended.


Weight penalties may apply for anyone with a rule infraction



Hobby Rules:

Frame & Chassis:

1.  Automotive frames permitted

2.  Automotive snout must include: cross member, spring pockets, horns, and attaching rail as one complete unit as it was assembled at the factory. May trim spring pockets for clearance of racing springs and spring buckets.

3.  Wheelbase of 103” on snout frames or stock for make and model on stock frame



1.  Coil over springs permitted on rear. Outboard on front. No coil-over on front.

2.  Jack bolts, racing springs, and racing shock permitted (4” min. spring.)

3.  Racing leaf springs permitted – steel or fiberglass on rear (one type only)

4.  Bottom A-Frame must be stock – no shortening or lengthening allowed

5.  Top A-Frame may be tubular, but only be adjustable at the mounting plates to frame

6.  Any GM or Ford spindle or racing spindle permitted

7.  Front spring pockets must be in original location

8.  No 5th coils. Air shock permitted

9.  Lift bars permitted. Fiberglass/ pan hard bar/ solid rubber biscuit permitted

10. Coil over eliminators permitted

11.  3-link hook up/ no 4 link hook-ups.

12.  Split valve steel shocks permitted (steel or aluminum)

13.  No gas shocks permitted



1.  Rack and pinion permitted

2.  Power steering permitted


Rear End:

1.  Stock type rear end or equivalent

2.  May be locked

3.  Quick-change rear ends permitted      



1.  OEM standard production 3 or 4 speed permitted

2.  Must have 1 forward and 1 backward gear

3. Bert or Brinn permitted



1.  Ultimate, SAS, SESS, Fastrak, rules apply



1.  Must be track approved

2.  No sharp or exploded edges

3.  Bracing permitted



1.  362 cubic inches maximum

2.  Flat top pistons

3.  Any hydraulic or solid lift cam permitted, no roller cams

4.  Lifter valley may be polished

5.  Headers permitted, exhaust must exit parallel to ground

6.  Any stock, steel, or cast crankshaft permitted, stock stroke for motor

7.  Stock appearing rods permitted, no H-beam, or billet rods permitted 6.0” maximum

8.  Any wet sump oil pan permitted, internal pump only

9.  Engine may be balanced, crankshaft must appear stock except for drilling or welding for balancing

10.  No ground or knife-edge counter weights permitted

11.  Sealed crate 602 allowed


Engine Placement:

1.  Engine and drive line must be in center of car, half the distance of the ball joints

2.  Number 1 spark plug of Chevrolet must be no more than 2” to the center of top ball joint

3.  Number 1 spark plug of Ford “302” & “351” must be no more than 4” to the center of top ball joint



1.  Cast iron ONLY

2.  Straight plug heads or angle plug heads permitted

3.  Vortec or 300lbs heads permitted

4.  Approved stock replacement heads permitted

5.  Double springs

6. Roller rockers permitted. No shaft rockers

7.  Screw in studs and guide plates permitted

8.  Stud girdles permitted

9.  No more than three angle valve job

10. No porting, polishing, or port matching



1.  Aluminum intake permitted

2.  Single carburetor type only

3. No porting, polishing, or port matching

4.  No homemade intakes allowed



1.  Only Holly four barrel only, no more than 750cfm permitted

2.  H.P. carburetor permitted. No special production

3.  No matching, porting, or polishing

4. Choke housing may be removed cut must be consistent with top ring of carburetor

5. 1” carburetor spacers allowed

6.  Maximum of two .060 gaskets allowed



1.  Any type permitted, but must run parallel to ground

2.  Mufflers required


Flywheel & Clutch:

1.  Z-28 flywheel permitted

2.  Little Clutch permitted



1.  Factory electronic or HEI only

2.  Racing Coil permitted

3.  Add-on boxes and rev-limiters legal




1. Bead lock permitted

2. 14-inch wheel maximum

3. Steel and aluminum wheel allowed



American Racers Spec 48


1.  2625 lbs

2.  Head and neck restraint, full containment seat and on-board fire extinguisher are recommended.



1.  Must be 18” high and on each door

2.  Must be visible and legible from scoring tower


Protest Fees:

1.  Bumper to Bumper $1500

2.  Complete Engine $1200

3.  Top End $500

4.  Complete Suspension $500

5. Visual $150

All Sealed Engine will be teched at Gabriels Engines


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